IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) 

 Registered and Licenced

Progress Images/Video:

Document the progress of building/development projects over a period of time for annual reports, progress meetings etc. with high quality video and images.


Aerial Photography for Advertising:

Photographs and video made for our clients have have been used by television companies for documentaries and images for all forms of advertising locally, nationally and internationally.


Aerial surveying decreases costs, such as scaffolding and hiring portable lifts, speeds up the surveying and decreases the chances of danger to employees.


Tall Chimney Inspections

With unmanned aircraft we can complete the inspection and deliver high resolution digital photographs and video which are acceptable to the insurance assesors and any regulatory body that oversees the safety of such tall structures.


Structural Inspections

Inspections to any structure where height is an issue, such as floodlights, water tanks and chimneys quickly and safely with minimum interruption to your business.


Roof Inspections

Our RPAS are ideal for surveying the condition of roofs or locating problems before repair work is carried out. 


Inspections of Churches  and Historical Buildings

Churches and historical buildings administrators can safely acquire accurate imagery of the condition of their buildings without interrupting daily usage or restricting access to buildings.

Newspics Photography, Stoneylane, Ardee, Co. Louth

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